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“1+2” Strategy
Green Consumption Ecology+

  “Green Consumption Ecology+” strategy is a new strategy issued by Liby Group in the 25th anniversary and “1+2” platform makes a layout for the strategy.

  “1” means that Liby leads the matrix of many brands. Liby Group will innovate brand marketing according to consumer demand, focus on brand upgrade “sale-driven” strategy to “brand-driven” strategy.

  “2” means “supply chain platform” and “channel platform”. They cover multi-brand promotion and operation, R&D and design, raw material purchase and production and supply ends and offer solutions for online and offline omni-channel distribution and end consumer dynamic distribution. Two platforms are connected to brands, cooperators and consumers through digital system, magnify partner’s interests and rights and offer omni-channel high-quality products to consumers. However, Liby group has been upgraded to be a shared service supplier of omni-channel all-contact digital precision marketing and a daily chemical industry-oriented purchase-supply chain shared service provider

  Through “1+2” strategic deployment, Liby Group will adhere to “brand guidance, digital management, vitality and innovation”, start a new journey and new . life scenes, with consumers as the center, with many brands and products as the matrix, and according to cleaning needs and areas of “home”, the Group satisfies different consumer needs and accomplishes the mission of bringing health and happiness to every family.